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Most people are aware of binoculars. We use them to see far away objects and they are a favorite tool of bird watchers and hunters. However, there is another product on the market that is far less known and has some advantages over binoculars. Monoculars are essential half of a set of binoculars. They are a telescope of sorts constructed from prisms and lenses and have similar optical properties of binoculars.

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There is a small difference in that binoculars allow you to see depth whereas monoculars generally do not. Monoculars may be more useful for certain people and in certain situations. For example, people with limited vision in one eye may find monoculars more comfortable as their poor eye doesn’t have to work to try and see through the other lens. They can also be used for people with difficulty seeing at any time. They have also become popular with art gallery and museum patrons as they allow you to see an exhibit much more closely even when there is a crowd. Additionally, people who go on long hikes or go camping may find monoculars more convenient as they tend to be lighter and more compact.

On the negative side, monoculars can be much harder to find as they are a less well known market and as stated above they do not allow you to have depth. However, they do appear to come at a variety of price points with a plethora of styles.

Monoculars may not be for everyone but that can certainly be handy for the right person. Don’t write them off just because they are a little different as they may be just the item you were looking for on that next art gallery or camping trip.

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