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Multimeter Buying Guide

There are a few forces of nature out there that can kill in an instant if you mishandle it. One of those is electricity. When handled properly, it can be harnessed and put to work to do amazing things. With a little knowledge and the proper tools, a homeowner can fix electrical issues in their home, car, and appliances.

One essential tool when dealing with electricity is a multimeter. It is a device which combines the ability to read voltage, current, and resistance into one handy unit.

These measurements are essential to be able to work on electrical things properly. It can help you find when current is not travelling along a cord or when a cord is being overloaded. It can also let you know if an item is not receiving any electricity at all. These meters come in two basic versions: analog and digital. Analog multimeters have a gauge with a needle that will move when applied to a wire. The digital multimeters will display a number on a screen once contact is made. Generally, the digital ones are easier to read and tend to come with more options.

Multimeters are essential to perform safe and accurate work on electrical units. It is unadvisable to try and do electrical work without one and with so many different types available, you’ll be sure to find one that works for you.

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