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Ultrasonic Mist Makers

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About Ultrasonic Mist Makers

There are many different options when looking at humidifiers, misters and foggers. Each has their positive and negative attributes. One of the types growing in popularity is an ultrasonic mister. Ultrasonic mist makers, also known as ultrasonic foggers, are used in a variety of applications. They have been used in Halloween ambiences as well as for greenhouses and humidifiers. Ultrasonic misters create a unique type of fog or mist.

Instead of having visible water droplets, it creates microscopic water droplets by vibrating a ceramic or metal disc at ultrasonic frequencies. This breaks the normally visible water droplets into minute droplets instead. This fog is dry and uses no chemicals so is safe to use around electrical appliances and animals. They can also be used to deliver fertilizer and nutrients to plants within a greenhouse as the dry fog will carry these additives. You can also add on controllers and humidity stats to the misters to be able to control the humidity in a room to absolute perfection.

Ultrasonic mist makers may not be the first things you think of when looking to humidify a room. However, they appear to have some great advantages over traditional humidifiers. By examining the options, you are sure to find an ultrasonic mist maker that is perfect for you.

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